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Interview: Piktorama's Delectable Design

Filled with smiling toasters, teapots, and cupcakes, how can you not fall in love with the playful and upbeat designs of Piktorama (aka Amaranta)? Born and raised in South America, Piktorama spent a majority of her youth in Caracas and her later art making years in Buenos Aires. Currently residing in Miami, Piktorama combines her talents as an illustrator, animator and fine artist. Piktorama’s main inspiration: cupcakes, a delicious treat for any artistic or culinary palate. It’s certainly a recipe for success. Her stimulating artwork is catching the eyes – and taste-buds – of designers and food critics alike as her vibrant designs bring to life one of life’s greatest pleasures. Check out our Q&A with this irresistible Latina to learn more about her perfect taste in desserts and patterns.

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PP:  How would you describe your aesthetic?

PIKTORAMA: Playful and whimsical.

PP:  Describe your collaborations with other artists.

PIKTORAMA: I haven’t had the experience to work with another artist just yet, but it’s something that I’ll do someday. What I have done is to participate in a project where several artists use the same theme to create their own unique work. The result is a body of art with similar topics yet drastically different outcomes. It is really amazing to see and be a part of. I really like that.

PP: Who inspires you?

PIKTORAMA: Love, friendship, music and cupcakes.

PP: How do color and pattern play a role in your work?

PIKTORAMA: These are the most important elements in my work. In almost all my creations I include colors and patterns, if not, textures. I’ve done black and white illustrations too, but is a real challenge for me.

PP: How does your culture and background affect your work?

PIKTORAMA: It doesn’t really affect it because my work is more based on my daily experiences. It depends on what I’ve done that day, what I’ve seen, my sense of humor, so it’s more a day-to-day experience that influences what I put on paper. I usually joke around a lot so that’s why you can find a lot of foolishness and happy characters in my work.

Coverage by: Rebecca Silver

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