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Exercising My Apron & Learning from a Pro

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The last time I took a cooking class I was 25, in Chiang Mai, just off an elephant ride and tossing pad thai noodles with my best travel buddy and ten other tourists. The experience was fun, yet daunting and I’ve shied away from serious concoctions ever since. Living in New York, you’re spoiled by the tasty, quick options on nearly every street corner. Though, I will say there comes a time when your domestic skills are tested- the in laws are over, you’ve been volunteered to host a dinner party, or just want to eat healthy, and you realize it’s time to get out from behind the computer, ease back on the job and learn something new.

Fast forward and I recently asked Leila, a very talented friend to teach me a thing or two about basic meal preparation. When she’s not concocting brand strategies and growth mechanisms, she’s sharing her delectable treats through the vibrantly filtered world of instagram and twitter. Her feed’s mouth-watering to follow. This past Sunday I dusted off my apron, followed her around her kitchen, took photographic notes and helped create a rather snazzy menu for a pair of hungry husbands. The results were awesome and I’m excited to replicate at home.

We made chipotle and rosemary spiced nuts to compliment our St. Germain cocktails, vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes, pickled onions and carrots and an extremely impressive jalapeno mac ‘n cheese. It was a pre-thanksgiving of sorts (at least for a vegetarian).


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