Pattern Pulp

Quick Links: Weekly Notables

1. Handmade CMYK by Evelin Kasikov, via Swiss Miss.

2. Pretty polish pillows from Gaul-Zych Deco, via Kick Can and Conkers.

3. Andrew Yang’s amazing creepy yet chic supermodel ragdolls, via Refinery29.

4. Lots and lots of garlands, via Poppy Talk.

5. AJ Fosik’s vibrant wooden masks, via The Jealous Curator.

6. Matthew Lyons retro space age-y illustrations, via Grain Edit.

7. Paintings by Alexis Semtner, via BOOOOOOOM.

8. Emma Kunz geometric works of art, via Design For Mankind

9. Charles Clary does beautiful things with paper and ink, via But Does it Float.

10. Art and war, via A Time to Get.

11. Kai Linke’s subtle nature reliefs, via Moco Loco.

12. Front’s pixelated and interactive “changing cupboard,” via Design Boom.

Coverage by: Emily Gup.

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