Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links

  1. 1. Herb William’s crayon installation will eventually succumb to the heat of Texas via This is Colossal
  2. 2. Digging Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry’s fanciful paper wigs via CMYBacon
  3. 3. Fascinated by Esther Stocker’s black and white optical illusion heavy installations via Sweet Station
  4. 4. Luke Haynes’ modern quilts are pretty fantastic via designmilk
  5. 5. Adore these “swatches of the moon” from Lizzie Buckmaster Dove’s “Tide Project” via Plenty of Colour
  6. 6. Katie Bourne’s lovely range of children’s wallpaper via Décor 8
  7. 7. Interesting paintings by Robert Proch via Empty Kingdom
  8. 8. Fong Qi Wei’s “Exploded Flowers” series is both fascinating and beautiful via Trendland
  9. 9. Charmed by Liz Tran’s whimsical trees via Artsy Forager
  10. 10. These new bangles from Cold Picnic are pretty swell via The Shiny Squirrel
  11. 11. Framing vintage swimsuits – surprisingly brilliant! via Honestly WTF
  12. 12. Love this behind the scenes look at Anna Backlund’s “Tufta” textile art via Poppytalk

Coverage by Emily Gup


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