Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Seung Hoon Park’s impressive woven photography via This is Colossal
  2. 2. These shawls from Virginia Johnson are such a great burst of color via OhJoy!
  3. 3. Beautiful surreal illustrations by Gala Bent via Hard Feelings
  4. 4. Interview with Amanda Henderson of Gloss Creative via The Design Files
  5. 5. Digging these DIY colored pencil jewelry projects via Design Mom
  6. 6. A peak inside the textile and wallpaper design studio Eskayel with Shanan Campanro via Sight Unseen
  7. 7. Leif’s latest series of vases were created by casting collected trash in porcelain via design*sponge
  8. 8. Love the patterns in Kirath Ghundoo’s wallpaper via All the Mountains
  9. 9. Maarten De Ceulaer uses balloons to create his ceramic bowls via CMYBacon
  10. 10. Fantastic painted wooden cutlery via Plenty of Colour
  11. 11. Great colorful woven bangles by Mexchic via Fly Girl
  12. 12 Il Lee does pretty amazing work with only a ballpoint pen and a canvas via The Jealous Curator

Coverage by Emily Gup

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