Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Mexico’s indigenous Huichol Indians beaded this entire Volkswagen Beetle via Creative Roots
  2. 2. These colorful beach huts are pretty dreamy via Dezeen
  3. 3. Glasses made with hair that are 100% biodegradable via trendland
  4. 4. Jens Hesse’s paintings are inspired by digital distorted satellite signals via Today and Tomorrow
  5. 5. Glass painting and illustration by Ben Phe via Hard Feelings
  6. 6. Amazing angular, colorful art by Gianna Commito via Design For Mankind
  7. 7. These bags may look like they’re paper drawings… but they’re real via design-milk
  8. 8. Fascinating bronze sculptures by Sukhi Barber via This is Colossal
  9. 9. Swooning over Anouk Kruithof’s colored book installation via Empty Kingdom
  10. 10. Digging these layered portraits by Raphael Vicenzi via designworklife
  11. 11. Impressive blown glass works by Philip Stokes via The Design Files
  12. 12. Impressive street art by Nelio via Unurth

Coverage by: Emily Gup

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