Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Love this quirky family portrait by Lori Andrews via Poppytalk
  2. 2. 300 colored vases by Hella Jongerius using modern and old techniques via Dezeen
  3. 3. Andy Kehoe’s work looks like a beautiful dark fairy tale world via Empty Kingdom
  4. 4. Jovi Schnell has an interesting process to choose the colors she paints with via My Love For You
  5. 5. In case your chairs get cold this winter or just need a dose of prep via The Designer Pad
  6. 6. A series of posters inspired by Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another via Design Work Life
  7. 7. A visit to artist Jim Drain’s colorful studio via Sight Unseen
  8. 8. Mark Warrington’s uses of color, pattern, and character to great effect via Peanut Soup Deluxe
  9. 9. The Little Lotus Project brings art to children on the Thai/Burmese border via Sweet Station
  10. 10. Music and art combine with these Mondrian headphones via The Audacity of Color
  11. 11. Pondering the stories told in the lines of Jason Thielke’s intricate illustrations via Vecto Ave
  12. 12. Fun with dough via Abstract City

Coverage by: Emily Gup

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