Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links

  1. 1. Guillaume Tartarat’s thoroughly interesting illustrations depicting wild animals, via Collect 3D
  2. 2. Interview with French graffiti artist L’Atlas, via Typo Graphical
  3. 3. Give your color bone a tickle, via Modish Blog
  4. 4. Riding the subway with Julia Rothman, via Oh Joy!
  5. 5. Love the colorful texture of Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen “Drops Pouf”, via Design Milk
  6. 6. Tatiana Plakhova’s beautiful complex patterns, via Kitsune Noir
  7. 7. New manga inspired textiles by Åsa Ekström for IKEA, via Poppy Talk
  8. 8. Digging Hollis Brown Thorton’s technology-related drawings, via Art Milk
  9. 9. Jonna Pohjalainen’s amazing giant colored pencil sculpture, via The Jealous Curator
  10. 10. Vanity barcodes are such a perfect little extra detail, via Swiss Miss
  11. 11. Hilarious interview with awesome illustrator S.Britt, via Grain Edit
  12. 12. Eye-catching playing card collaboration between Tauba Auerbach and DZEK, via We Heart

Compiled by: Emily Gup

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