Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links

  1. 1. Photographs that reflect the ritual adornment of masquerade in Africa via But Does it Float
  2. 2. Charming wallpaper for babies and children from Studio Nommo via Poppytalk
  3. 3. Beautifully painted boats by Jaime Gili via Lost Bird Found
  4. 4. Nike hands over their shoes to a group of artists and says “Just Do It”  via Creative Review
  5. 5. Wishing all stop signs were this pretty via Unurth
  6. 6. Love these illustrations by Belinda Chen via Oh Joy!
  7. 7. Such perfectly pretty post-its via Swissmiss
  8. 8. Amazing “Land Art” by Richard Shilling via Acidolatte
  9. 9. Toast! That’s pretty! Such a lovely concept via Design for Mankind
  10. 10. This “Kitty Bud” fabric from Melinda Josie is so kitsch and cute it’s killing me via My Love for You
  11. 11. These little ceramic storage eggs are adorable via Seesaw
  12. 12. Jeff Koon’s color explosion in his art car for BMW via Dezeen

Coverage by: Emily Gup

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