Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

1. Fun designs from Cats Brother’s – especially loving the pom-poms via Style Bubble
2. Glass jars designed based on traditional containers via Present & Correct
3. Maria Dubrovskaya’s moveable hand-painted paper dolls via The Jealous Curator
4. So much lovely whimsicalness via All the Mountains
5. Adorable ceramic ghosts via Miss Moss
6. Digging Barney Ibbotson’s hexagonal snowflake via The Fox is Black
7. A DIY project that’s simple AND outrageously cute via design*sponge
8. Three hundred illuminated boats in London’s Canary Wharf via Colossal
9. Manon Kündig’s unconventional designs via Trendland
10. Ben Giles alters vintage photographs to create eccentric collages via Honestly WTF
11. Heike Weber draws on the floor with permanent marker via designboom
12. Striking collages from Takahiro Kimura via Pattern Bank

Contributed by Emily Gup

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