Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

1. Delightful interactive cloud installation via Jeannie Jeannie
2. These Japanese treats are almost too cute to eat! via The Jealous Curator
3. Silver-tipped brightly colored laces to punch up any pair of shoes via Plenty of Colour
4. Hand stenciled houndstooth – talk about patience! via design*sponge
5. Give yourself drippy nails for Fall via Honestly WTF
6. Adorable DIY mini copper planters via Poppytalk
7. Stunning work by legendary photographer Mark Shaw via Miss Moss
8. Landon Metz’s simple and elegant paintings via Arthound
9. Imaginary maps of nonexistent cities via Patternbank
10. Well, aren’t these photographic hankies adorable via Design for Mankind
11. Captivated by Andy Denzler’s “disturbed screen effect” paintings via Trendland
12. Posters that are more than they appear via Design Crush

Contributed by Emily Gup

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