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Twitter Influencer: Caitlin Keegan

Designer and illustrator, Caitlin Keegan’s work has the ability to convey a message with a decidedly fun and whimsical vibe. Schooled at the RISD, Keegan has since made a successful career for herself, working with everyone from Bust, Chronicle Books, The New York Times, Nylon, Nickelodeon Magazine, Scholastic and Sesame Workshop. In addition to creating fabulous and quirky creations for her clients, she finds time to make and exhibit her own work and was recently chosen to participate in The Exquisite Book. As expected, Keegan’s twitter feed is just as good natured as her work, with an eagerness to communicate and share information with her followers. Be it tales of everyday life, snippets of advice, or crowd sourced creative opinions, it’s easy to follow along and enjoy!

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