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Twitter Influencer: Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran jumped around the world with his parents about 20 times as a kid. With each move, his observations got keener and interest in illustration stronger. Today, his designs are both witty and realistic, not to mention popular and distinctive. That being said, Josh is always looking to push his visual language and he’s been quoted stating, “If I define myself by technique, I’m screwed,” he says. “But no one can rip off my creativity.”

His impressive work and constant desire to push forward has garnered a bevy of commissions in editorial, advertising, mural work, broadcast and online. Josh’s desire to inspire the next generation of illustrators as a teacher at Parsons School of Design is also noteworthy. It’s not uncommon for him to showcase student work and former intern successes in his twitter feed. He also loves tooting the horn of his colleagues and creative folk in their talented endeavors. Of course, he’s also apt to share snippets of his life and some of the things his well-honed eyes come across as his own project unfold.

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