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Twitter Influencer: Callen Thompson

Callen Thompson is an artist and textile designer living in Austin. Before Texas, though, she was raised in Melrose, Florida as a 6th generation Floridian. She grew up in a house built by her parents in the woods. It was here that her grandmother taught her to always respect the land, especially in a state that cedes often to the interests of development. This ingrained love for the land is apparent in Callen’s lush body of work that includes abstracted desert spaces, mountains, and biomorphic patterning.

Her paintings have garnered the attention and acclaim of many, frequently popping up on the blogosphere and gaining increasing attention after being featured in West Elm’s catalog as a featured Etsy artist. She has 18 works currently displayed at West Elm’s Emeryville, CA location through mid-May and is currently featured on Buy Some Damn Art.

We also adore her branching out into textiles with her line, BEAM. Pouring through her twitter feed, it’s apparent that the artist herself is just as charming and lovely as the work she creates. Friendly and inquisitive, she utilizes twitter like a pro, sharing her work, conversing with others and passing along and commenting on interesting bits from the many creative people within the twitterverse.


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