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Twitter Influencer: Alison Jardine

Artist Alison Jardine grew up in the UK and spent a considerable amount of time traveling around the country and throughout Europe, working primarily as a writer and editor. It wasn’t until 2004 when she moved to Texas with her husband and twin daughters that she started to seriously pursue art. Since the early days, Alison has exhibited her work in a number of galleries with a core interest in nature, inspired by the idyllic setting of her childhood and the Chinese and Japanese philosophic traditions of the Sublime in nature.

Over the past year, pixels and the effects of digitalization on imagery and perception have become an inspiration for her work. Clearly tuned into technology’s influence on art, Alison is a popular artist on twitter. Staying up to date on her daily iPad drawing project is one of the bonuses to following her in addition to a stream of intelligent, thoughtful prose.


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