Pattern Pulp

Trend: Evening Projections

After returning from the Alt Design Summit, it was fairly evident that incorporating ‘surprising’ touches into your party planning is a very big deal. I’m no stranger to this concept, as I’m often hired to design content for branded activities, however the DIY spirit was in full effect, reminding me to keep a few things off the adobe punch list.

Using digital technology, projections and a starry night theme, all of the imagery above overlaps in one way or another. Casting gem-like projections on back-lit silhouettes, this party, from the pages of Elle Decor proves that subtlety can be elegant and luxurious. Keeping with the color scheme of blue and white, Sofitel, the luxury hotel chain evokes a Peter Pan-like mood with floating pillows. Applying this concept to an enormous symphony hall ceiling, Departures Magazine shares a the stunning results of a concert fueled video projection.

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