Pattern Pulp

Trend: Beastly Art

You’ve been hiding under a rock if you haven’t noticed the animal influence that’s infiltrated all things visual lately. From graffiti tagging to fashion campaigns to high-end art, animal influenced portraiture is everywhere. Simon Schama recently wrote a piece for The Financial Times, proclaiming that beastly themes have always been a part of the modern art world in British society, making note of the highly religious themes that often come hand in hand with each piece.

The above illustration is from Flair magazine and portrays the best of both worlds: curious creatures with beautifully collaged textures. To the right, the graffiti leopard can be found on the streets of East London. The sexualized Hello Kitty illustration is part of Surface to Air‘s Parisian retail display, while this tailoring sign sits comfortably in a Hamstead window in London. Rounding out the retail theme, this canine portrait painting is currently part of the window display for Printemps Mens in Paris.

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