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Street Finds: Chubby Cafe + Gaim Graphics

Last week I had true artist admiration (and envy!) while dining at Chubby Cafe with Michael Keferl, of CScout Japan. Michael turned me on to this gem of a spot which is tucked away in the Setagaya suburb, just outside of Shibuya station. The cafe is a creative trifecta of art, food and retail and is housed just below Hiroshi Murakami’s graphic design studio, Gaim Graphics. Murakami is a believer in merging interesting people with good art and soulful music and has succeeded in creating an unpretentious vibe in the space below his office. Everything is perfectly curated, from the organic menu to the paintings on the walls to the graphic merchandise on the shelves. If you’re in the Tokyo area, definitely check it out- it’s a rejuvenating break from the madness of the city and a reminder to relax and enjoy the day.

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