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Interview: Flavio Melchiorre

“All that I see stays in my mind waiting to be unearthed during the creative process,” explains Italian artist, Flavio Melchiorre. When you get lost in Melchiorre’s mesmerizing patterns you certainly see what he means. His colorful designs draw from all elements of everyday life, particularly street art.  Seeing his bold designs, you can easily imagine him walking by a splash of graffiti and filing it in his mind for years before it manifests into works such as Tips’ n Trips, Wild Things, or his recent iPhone skin for Grove. Check out our Q & A with this colorful Italian.

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PP:  How does your culture influence your design aesthetic?

FM: I would say naturally, everything that I live can influence my work. I have a great photographic memory and all that I see stays in my mind waiting to be unearthed during the creative process.

PP:  What recent project are you most proud of?

FM: A new project that I can’t show now, made for a Spanish company, which has chosen some of my patterns to characterize some of their products. The work is still in progress, but there are good developments.

PP:  What are some of your biggest influences? Any particular artists or websites that inspire you lately?

FM: Mainly, Street Art and Pop Art. These two cultures have influenced my style, even if the abstract expressionism has been the key element in my personal research. I love the work of Keith Haring and Jackson Pollock. I also appreciate the work of some contemporary artists like Gary Fernandez, Alex Trochut and Si Scott.

PP:  What is your typical design process like?

FM: When I make my pattern, first I try to get carried instinctively drawing randomly, then I take a long time to create modular and color combinations. When I make figurative illustrations instead usually I know what I want to express, so I try to follow an idea even if I go very often to improve it during its development.

PP:  How do color and pattern affect your work?

FM: I’ve always been attracted by patterns; they give me a sense of balance. I like to create a visual harmony using many colors together; each element develops in something more complex. When I draw I find my balance!

PP:  What kinds of projects are you hoping to do in the future?

FM: I have many projects, from art to fashion. I’d like to draw an entire fabrics collection for haute couture, and then see my patterns on wonderful women covered in silk on a catwalk. I would also like to make a solo exhibition with huge artworks, and to watch people get lost in them!

Coverage by: Rebecca Silver

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