Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Digging Shaun Kardinal’s collage and embroidery work via design-milk
  2. 2. Andy Curlowe’s lovely artwork via All the Mountains
  3. 3. Loving Zander Olsen’s Tree, Line project via My Love For You
  4. 4. Fantastically adorable ceramic pin cushions & thread spool holders by Eleonor Bostrom via arthound
  5. 5. Gorgeous giant DIY blooms via design*sponge
  6. 6. Graffiti artist Tilt covered half a room in vibrant graffiti and left the other stark white via This is Colossal
  7. 7. Andrew Yee is a delight at mixing stripes via Design for Mankind
  8. 8. These ceramic megaphones by En & Is earn a solid oooh via Honestly WTF
  9. 9. Impressive illustration work from Liam Stevens via designworklife
  10.  10. Fantastic collection of fabrics by Rifle for Villa Nova via Oh Joy!
  11. 11. Intrigued by Luiz Zerbini’s color blocked newspapers via Trendland
  12. 12. Roy Nachum’s artwork is meant to be touched via Yatzer

Coverage by Emily Gup


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