Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Awe inspiring glass art sculptures by Shayna Leib via Sweet Station
  2. 2. DIY glitter shoes. Tempting. Very tempting via Honestly WTF
  3. 3. Beautiful work by Ana Montiel for Nina Ricci via AM on the Pretense
  4. 4. It’s a nice day for a neon wedding via Plenty of Colour
  5. 5. Lusting after this scarf as the temperature drop looms via Oh Joy!
  6. 6. Fredrik Åkum’s lovely works of art rift between reality and daydreams via Little Paper Planes
  7. 7. Quirky, lovely illustrations by Tatsuro Kiuchi via designworklife
  8. 8. “An Ode to Feminists” by Kirsten McCrea via art hound
  9. 9. Love these architecturally influenced images from Atelier Olschinsky via The Fox is Black
  10. 10. Google earth carpets – not something you see everyday via TeenAngster
  11. 11. Fun modern wallpaper from Flat Vernacular via My Adventure is Your Advantage
  12. 12. Julia Dault’s beautiful color and movement infused paintings via Empty Kingdom

Coverage by: Emily Gup

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