Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

  1. 1. Intensely colorful furniture from Design By Leftovers via Design Milk
  2. 2. Amazing paintings on leaves via Best Bookmarks
  3. 3. Digging Anton Stankowski’s art from the 1960’s via Aqua Velvet
  4. 4. Loving this porcelain jewelry from Goldenink via Bloesem
  5. 5. Lush collaged paintings by Takahiro Kimuro via Inspire First
  6. 6. Jonathan Whitfull makes rad book sculptures via The Jealous Curator
  7. 7. Gorgeous use of color and texture in Becca Stadtlander’s illustrations via designworklife
  8. 8. Rita Botelho’s amazingly quirky figurine earrings via Dezeen
  9. 9. Paintings from Christian Wach via Happy Mundane
  10. 10. David M. Cooke’s colorful, linear-happy birds via My Love For You
  11. 11. A lampshade made out of vintage rulers from Roost Living via Poppytalk
  12. 12. Delicious shades of neon and the flowers on the runway via krisatomic

Compiled by Emily Gup

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