Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links

  1. 1. Peddle your way to art with this drawing machine created by Joseph L. Griffiths via Today and Tomorrow
  2. 2. Beautiful art by Ann Marshall via Ink Butter
  3. 3. Relief prints by Mike Sonnichesen made with chopsticks via Mint
  4. 4. Having trouble sleeping? Check out these 10,000 sheep and watch them get drawn via Style Swoon
  5. 5.Thirty miles of string went into the Gravity’s Loom installation via Kitsune Noir
  6. 6. Fantastic photoframe installation on Victoria & Albert’s museum staircase via Dezeen
  7. 7. Jewelry created from money by Tine de Ruysser via The Best Part
  8. 8. The super handiness of the Japanese furoshiki via OhJoy!
  9. 9. Definetely digging Inaluxe’s mid-century modern reminiscent prints via My Love For You
  10. 10. These shoes by Meadham Kirchhoff are quite a glittery trip via Style Bubble
  11. 11. Fantastic other-wordly illustrations by Raquel Aparicio via Vectro Ave
  12. 12. How can you not love this Crayola color wheel via Design Crush

Coverage by Emily Gup

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