Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

1. Hundreds of second-hand shirts used in Kaarina Kaiakkonen’s work Colossal
2. Digging everything about AÃRK Collective via Miss Moss
3. Looking through the archives of Laura Ashley via Style Bubble
4. Fascinating physical pie charts via Plenty of Colour
5. A fan of Diela Maharani’s psychedelic illustrations viaPatternbank
6. Persian rug created from 2 tons of refined sugar via Jeannie Jeannie
7. Beautiful artwork from Anne Siems Art Hound
8. Probably not the sport courts you’re used to seeing via The Fox is Black
9. Great interview with fashion designer Reuben Reuel via design*sponge
10. Super cute DIY floral friendship bracelets via Oh Joy!
11. Fabulous lookbook for Karen Walker’s Summer 2013 collection via Honestly WTF
12. Adorable DIY shoe clips for Valentine’s Day via ModCloth

Contributed by Emily Gup

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