Pattern Pulp

Friday Quick Links!

1. Solar system lollipops! via Colossal
2. You’ve got something on your face via The Artful Desperado
3. Jim Houser’s new range of patterned wall tiles for Blik via Poppytalk
4. Faig Ahmed’s stellar embroidery art gives tradition an edge via Trendland
5. Fascinated by Mathias Kiss’ faceted mirrors via Design for Mankind
6. Tauba Auerbach’s book illustrates the RGB color scheme via The Design Ark
7. Charmed by the new Meditteraneo collection from La Casita de Wendy via Miss Moss
8. Cilla Ramnek certainly knows how to play with pattern via Pattern Bank
9. Digging Jacob Magraw’s drawings, paintings, and embroidery via booooooom
10. Laurent Chehere lovely “Flying Houses” series via Honestly WTF
11. DIY painted 3D cube wall design via design*sponge
12. Striking sculptural paintings from Laura Moriarty via Artsy Forager

Contributed by Emily Gup

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