Pattern Pulp

Follow-up: Aquatic Manipulations

Back in March we noticed water graphics popping up across multiple mediums. From tactile materials to type, to glossy palettes, hints of aquatic influences were showing up before it felt seasonally appropriate. Today we can say the trend has finally arrived, particularly since it’s been making the global rounds. Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton of the UK firm, Sawdust, recently designed this vector-heavy tote, Beat, for Carry Hope. The analogy, graphics and flow all compliment the message, reminding us that water circulation mirrors the heart’s blood flow. Using a hand painted wave to create an all-over pattern, Shanghai Tang, a luxury brand from China, achieves a similar goal. The romantic shape offsets the woodblock effect, proving harsh or soft, it’s possible to interpret movement, so long as it’s brand-consistent.

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