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A Summation of Indigo PV with Arts Thread

Today’s feature is by our intrepid writer, Emily Gup.

I was pretty jazzed when I learned that Pattern Pulp and Arts Thread would be teaming up to cover the Premiere Vision / Indigo New York SS13 textile show.  For those who are unaware, Arts Thread is an exciting platform based out of the UK for college students and graduates to post portfolio work and network with fellow grads and industry professionals.

Meeting up with Co-founder and Director Alex Brownless was a pleasure- we talked about the current work environment for recent grads and how exposure is integral in getting hired. The site is popular in the UK, Europe and Asia and is looking to expand into the US.

We also chatted about all-things textiles and viewed the five-level exhibition together. After weaving through each floor like kids in a candy store, it was evident that movement and transition were the strongest underlying themes throughout. Here are some supporting observations from the day.


A range of hand-painted and hand-drawn designs incorporating luxurious splashes of color, loose detailed geometry and dense ethnic prints.

Digital Effects:

Photo-realism and free-form layering. Ethnic prints were manipulated so as to blur the line between popular pixilated themes and traditional ethnic patterns.

Large Scale:

Organic and freeform with lush movement. Smooth transitions with art-nouveau influences.

Coverage by Emily Gup


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