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Worn Stories by Emily Spivack

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By now, I’m hoping many of you have heard about Emily Spivack’s recent book release, Worn Stories. I’m a bit late in featuring it, but have been glued to all of the reviews and positive attention it’s been getting. Finally, jumping in!

Spivack has devoted many years to documenting stories about fashion, memory and historical relevance. She has a fascinating resume that includes curating, writing and speaking for art institutions and fashion platforms. They include Threaded, the Smithsonian’s only fashion history blog, Shop Well with You, an organization devoted to helping women with cancer improve self body image, the MoMA on historical fashion archiving and most recently, Sentimental Value, a site and exhibit devoted to collecting stories and clothing from ebay…which actually became the catalyst for this very book.

Here is Emily signing my copy at her release party – one that I plowed through upon returning home. The stories are smart, varied and a compelling window into our relationship with clothing. They dive much deeper than what we’re used to consuming through fashion marketing content, which is refreshingly honest. I highly recommend picking up a copy if you haven’t already…click here to purchase.

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