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Visiting Ace & Jig with Steven Alan

How many of you know how hard it is to make a fabric swatch? While we often focus on the printed surface here at Pattern Pulp, it’s always fascinating to hear how various designers approach their craft. Last Wednesday, I accompanied the fine folks at Steven Alan to interview Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan, the talented duo behind Ace & Jig at their studio in Cobble Hill. We spent an afternoon sifting through texture, munching on cupcakes and diving into the incredible story behind their brand and business.

While it’s understood that most designers buy their fabric- Jenna and Cary do everything from scratch, a laborious (but rewarding!) process that utilizes their years of industry experience and involves ongoing trips to India. The ladies work with a textile guru who’s as obsessive about the outcome as they are, “it’s a great process working together, it’s really fun and inspiring. He’s as meticulous as we are, and we respect each other’s expertise.”

So what’s a day in the life like when the ladies are at the factory working alongside the weavers and dyers? Follow along with our Q&A as we dissect the success that’s been their past year, how they’ve set a high ethical standard and what a dream collaboration would look like (a little teaser, it’s pattern based)…click here to read the interview.

Photos courtesy of Steven Alan & Ace & Jig


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