Pattern Pulp

Trend: Tribalizing Tanagrams

When was the last time you thought to yourself, bold and simple’s the way to go? Perhaps yesterday? Dusen Dusen, a new label by Brooklyn designer, Ellen Van Dusen was featured in a Daily Candy mail out this week, adding fuel to a quickly growing fire that graphic designers are embracing triangles, squares and circles again.

Whether the patterns are primal and bold, as exhibited by Dusen Dusen and Suki Cheema, or being used to manipulate text, as evident by Urban Outfitter‘s most recent logo design, one thing’s for sure, mismatched shapes aren’t going away anytime soon. Suki Cheema’s recently launched home collection was one of the best displays at this year’s gift show, and a breath of fresh air from endless aisles of Tory Burch-like geometrics. Using just a grid and creative geometry, designers are proving that primal can be interesting, so long as the shapes convey color and movement.

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