Pattern Pulp

Trend: Geometric Shards


A new story is like a growing crystal. It is comprised of shards representing various emotions, such as happiness, sadness, fear and love. With each crystal comes a chain of past experiences, and, because each occurrence is defined by a series of emotions, this chain is colored by a prism of external events and relationships.  If all instances are built upon one another, then everyone’s story is uniquely different- a new jumble of people, places, and things.  This concept is quite literally defined by Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 09 collection, as his kaleidoscopic patterns bring angular definition to the human body.  In the graphic world, Simon Page, an artist from the UK, has devised a series of stunning posters entitled, Cuben.  Each layout plays with hexagons, transparency and light to create space-like moods, the foundation for life’s geometric fabric.

Additional contributions by: Kelsey-Lee LeGassick

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