Pattern Pulp

Trend: Digital Dividers


Digital influences are everywhere- from Invader’s pixelated street art to fashionable home goods and clothing themes, typically invisible details are gaining recognition across non-digital platforms.  Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy‘s sheer curtains are a coder’s delight. Her tree branches are compiled of assorted letters and numbers and are laid out within a monochromatic palette.  In an alternate world, the LA designers behind the Oumi label have embraced this fashion friendly fusion by pairing transitory pixels with satin and knit.


When assessing which patterns are most successful, it’s important to consider the role of color.  If a palette isn’t balanced, the eye will wander to the dead spots or over accentuated details.  These pixelated animations by the Japanese design team, Kashiwasato display type and movement for Microsoft Office’s 2008 for Mac launch.  Carefully choreographed squares cover the screen in chaotic movement, revealing digital disarray reminicent of a visual virus.

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