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Trend: Diamonds are Forever Changing

Apparently, diamonds don’t have to sparkle in order to shine. Diamond contours are surfacing everywhere. We first noticed interesting uses of the infamous pyramid on the streets of Paris back in November and have continued to spot creative variations across the Atlantic.  From Mike Perry’s vector repeat to this Parisian jewelery display to this remarkable 3D installation by Kirsten Hassenfeld, all of these interpretations glorify the geometric intricacies of the world’s most famous carbon.

While shopping in the trendy Palermo Hollywood district of Buenos Aires (yes, it’s named after Hollywood, California), we sensed this trend emerging on the tails of ArteBA. The graffiti-culture shop, Sixfeet, is covered in diamonds, most notably on the back wall, which is strategically complimented by several colorful diamond hoodies for sale on the floor.  Back in Boston, the creative geniuses at AdamnCompany designed this abstract illustration, replacing stars with sparkling diamonds.  Focusing solely on angle and color, Susann Johansen’s color prisms celebrate light and repetition.

This watercolor repeat by Eika Dopludo is a beautiful departure from it’s angular counterparts, while this metallic Moschino display in New York’s meatpacking district currently presents a mirrored platform for their summer shoe collection.  Moving into the realm of online retail, we quickly discovered this trend’s reach on The artist, lanydevening, creates small heart-shaped wooden wall hangings covered in a similar diamond motif. The heart paired with vibrant diamonds is a fresh take on an otherwise clichéd romantic combination.

BA coverage by: Rebecca Silver

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