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Trend: Crude Glamour


New York City can be dirty, no doubt about it. Amidst the fashionistas making the sidewalk their runway and store windows elaborately offering their fineries, the harder you look, the more you’ll notice the city’s grit and grime. Emptied storefronts, sidewalk cracks and multicolored oil ponds fill the streets from Fifth Avenue to Chinatown. While dirt can be menacing for some, designers seem to be finding inspiration from these contaminated city corners. This beetle wing necklace from Econe mimics the rainbow palette found on this oil-slicked wall in Lexington.  Gucci also taps this grit inspired trend with these combat boots. It appears we have a new kind of grunge here- one that’s dark and offbeat, a little worn-in, and highly ironic.

city grunge 3

The irony of it all is that fashion is a huge contributor to the problem, as noted in Crude, a new documentary that focuses on oil’s impact in the Amazon. Climate consciousness may be the inspiration for iridescent leather flats, such as these from Repetto, but sadly the message is lost when the inspiration is really the wake up call.

Compiled by: Emily Gup

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