Pattern Pulp

Trend: Coworking within Color Palettes


The idea of co-working can exist beyond office environments.  Kapitza’s latest publication, Geometric Book presents a visual menagerie of contrasting shapes and intersecting palettes.  The organized chaos within each page mirrors the energy independent workers bring to collaborative work environments.  “How can you create beautifully if you don’t surround yourself with beauty?” says Judy Prays, a freelance internet video producer living in Greenpoint.  Co-working spaces have popped up in every city and suburb around the world, proving that creatives will find each other if wifi’s involved.


In Good Company, a collaborative work environment in Manhattan, caters to women entrepreneurs with small businesses. Reaching out to a more transient, non-committal group of innovators, Pretense, a workspace in Jerusalem, serves as a connector for creative clusters on the go.


Fusing photography with Russian poster palettes, Lydia Burkhalter’s web portfolio presents harmonious contrasts of moving energy.  In spirit with last summer’s Olympic games, the NYTimes presented fashion’s take on gymnastics with this Pucci’s leotard of kaleidescope graphics.  Pixel Rumor, another personal project of mine displays contrasting stripes of unwavering color.

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