Pattern Pulp

Trend: Confining Soft Geometrics

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I’m very passionate about technology in the print, pattern and color departments. As much as I love documenting the internet’s future unfold from a visual point of view, I also love finding organic solutions to daily design dilemmas.

This leads me to today’s feature on soft geometrics. Rough-cut collages have been popping up all over ffffound and Pinterest filling mood boards and music posters for over a year now- it was but a matter of time before artists and designers started applying a commercial hand, reinterpreting their voice through this jagged aesthetic.

Cynthia Rowley’s current Fall collection reminds me of a God’s eye craft project, it also looks like a texturized version of my old portfolio site, Pixel Rumor. Ana Montiel‘s most recent collaboration with Nina Ricci reveals a stunning work in progress of diamond-cut shards, texturized into the shape of a heart. Proving the iPad can serve as a canvas, paintbrush and scissors, Nathalie Chikhi has created a series of digital designs. All beautiful, inspiring and infused with a feminine hand.


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