Pattern Pulp

Trend: 2nd Life Canvas Alterations

As a big appreciator of fine art, street art, kid’s scrawl and anything artistic or imaginative, it’s easy to understand why I’d be drawn to these mixed media works. Used more for playful retail installations than statement pieces, each classical painting aids in quirky modern messaging.

I snapped the exit sign while enroute to the restroom at the Zetter Townhouse last Fall amidst a meeting with the Think Work Play team. TWP is a London-based editorial collective that celebrates London’s artistic community. If you haven’t already, have a look at their site- it’s a rabbit hole of inspiration. The spectacle-punctured imagery below is housed at Selima, the Italian optics store on Wooster St in lower Manhattan.

If you’re not too uptight or worried about the imperfections that can come from a few creative missteps, I’d recommend visiting your local thrift store and getting crafty.


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