Pattern Pulp

Then & Now: Bathing Beauties

Over Mother’s Day weekend I found myself doing several familiar things. I dined at my favorite childhood Chinese restaurant in Cranston, watched an incredibly funny SNL and rifled through old family photos in search of a few to take back to New York. The image to the left was one of the winners and a snapshot of my 93 year old grandmother when she was 23, summering at Old Orchard Beach. Anyone familiar with the WWII generation knows that this beach was where it was at during the 30’s and 40’s, the place to see and be seen. It looks like not much has changed by way of style, as this Diane Von Furstenberg bikini as well as many others have taken a page out of a 70 year old playbook. Other than an hourglass figure, alternate hairstyles and a refreshing breath of racial diversity, the fashion’s nearly identical. Everything old is new again, a mantra that will never fail society, for better or for worse.

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