Pattern Pulp

Recycling the Sixties. What Mom Wore.

With Mother’s Day creeping near, I’ve been reflecting on 60’s and 70’s style to envision what my mother was like back in the day. In the 60’s, platform shoes, high-waisted pants, oversize-glasses and jumpsuits were everywhere. However, no one really talks about the fabrics and colors of times past which is what made the looks so special. Batik, paisley, polka dots, leather fringe, shift dresses, and fitted blazers are just a few of my favorites.

1. Paisley Pattern Coat | 2. Mom & Dad | 3. Shift Dress by Vero Moda | 4. Twiggy in a Shift Dress | 5. Polka Dot Dress | 6. Me in my 60’s inspired Phillip Lim Glasses | 7.Batik Patterned Fabrics | 8. My Mom

Coverage by Chelsa Skees


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