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Strike Off, the Alternative Textile Fair

textile Fair-StrikeOff

The serendipity that comes with living in Manhattan always amazes me. Be it the time I found myself sitting beside Malcolm Galdwell reading Blink, or the instance I shared an elevator with Simon Doonan right after giving a presentation on Barney’s window displays.  Things happen for a reason, and yesterday’s run in with Travis Boyer and Dayna Holli at the AI Freidman cash wrap was no different.

Boyer and Holli have partnered up to host StrikeOff, an alternative textile fair. The show starts today and runs through the 16th and is being held at the JF & Son storefront on 19 Kenmare. The fair focuses on Fashion and Home for Fall/Winter 2010 and includes fabric designers of every variety, from silk painters and hand weavers to digital printers and natural dyers.

To schedule an appointment, contact or 212.343.3131

By: Shayna Kulik

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