Pattern Pulp

Street: Observing Origami


Delicate sophistication is synonymous with origami.  Though simplistic, there’s a beautiful complexity to every folded 3D figurine.  As of late, creative pop culture has embraced this ancient art with a modern tune.  Using color, form, figurative interpretation, and various materials, designers throughout the fashion, media, and home industries have embraced this budding trend, making unique, yet paralleling commercial interpretations.


See above for various examples: The Unrising Intl’s Keane poster with graphic animal forms, A futuristic dress, worn by pop vocalist Lady Gaga, homeware ceramic plates, sold at Lancelotti’s in the East Village of Manhattan and delicate metallic pendents by Origami Bijiou.


A more functional and figurative take can be found by the Italian design team at Lago Casa with these tanagram bookshelfs.   Movement is balanced by stillness in this beautifully playful design.  In the more abstract realm, folding vivid graphics are illustrated quite literally on this 2006 coverart for The Rapture’s album, Pieces of the People We Love.

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