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Sharing Closets / Sharing Style with Sarah

Meet Sarah LaFleur, the brains behind Mémé LAFLEUR– a womenswear line for stylish ladies in the corporate sector. Sarah and I met about five months ago through a mutual friend to discuss branding and design, and it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know her. Her mother is Japanese and her father is American and as you can imagine, she’s been heavily influenced by her mother’s style.

In her own words…

The trend that repeats itself, if it is a trend at all, is comfort, represented by our favorite, big, chunky sweaters.   I’m pretty sure my mom still has this white one. Both she and I worked long hours in a corporate environment and wore wool suits, button-ups and tights all day. She would jump into her over-sized sweaters and yoga pants (or “leggings” as she’d say) as soon as she got home and lounge around the house in those until she went to bed. 35 years later, I do exactly the same.


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