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Sharing Closets / Sharing Style with Allison

I’ve known Allison since the early Bat Mitzvah days when we were in the same after-school Hebrew class, trying to master and dodge puberty at the same time. From day one I admired her magnetism and compassion, not to mention that polished bohemian look that made her so effortlessly cool (and popular with the boys)! We’ve both lived in Manhattan close to a decade and it’s been a crazy ride swapping stories and sharing advice on how to turn creative dreams into reality – I couldn’t imagine this city without her.

In her own words…

It’s funny because I used to always wear my mother’s clothing, but now she wears mine, and will go in my closet even when I’m not home to pull things out. A lot of times we end up in similar outfits, though we both do it in ways that are age appropriate.

My grandma Eva, my mom’s mother, was a wonderful artist, and amazing painter- and somehow I think that her love of color has always woven it’s way, even subtly, into the way both my mother and I dress.  There was always a splash of turquoise or coral, or a fuschia flower being brought to a canvas or crocheted onto an afghan.  

When I left to go abroad in college- winter in Ireland under overcast skies- my mom knitted me a bright pink scarf for the journey, and I remember her saying, “you’ll put this on, and it will brighten your day, and everyone else’s, too. It’ll give you joy.”  And I think that way, too now: every time I need a lift, I grab for something bright or handmade, or put on a vivid floral print, and it changes things!  

As my grandma once did, my mom often knits for all of us– just this past winter, my dad randomly pulled out an old scarf and proudly announced, “your mother made this for me for our first Valentine’s!”


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