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Shades of Pink Around the Globe

Pink Accents2

In America, the color pink is often associated with youth culture. If you’re trying to be younger, or more feminine, or even more girly, you go for pink- it’s the defacto color of the female gender. Move across the Atlantic though, and you’ll find that pink serves as a cool, edgy accent. Vivid, florescent tips, paired with white or cream send an entirely different message- one that the French and the Swedes have embraced for a long time. Then, we have Karen Mainenti’s humorous painting that captures the conflict and dichotomy of color and the sexes. Here’s a quick round up of some favorite applications:

1. Hanro’s handmade dip-dyed paper torn window display in the Meat Packing District in Manhattan 2. A DIY maxi skirt on a pair & a spare 3. Very cool coasters from the Caribbean restaurant Glady’s in Crown Heights, Brooklyn 4. Youth retail display at ABC Carpet in Manhattan 5. A spectacular painting I took a photo of at my airbnb in Stockholm earlier this Spring 6. Revlon No.450 Gentlemen Prefer Pink by Karen Mainenti


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