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Here’s a short round up of a few retail displays in and around New York, enjoy!

Aritzia: I find myself snapping Aritzia’s windows just as much as Anthopologie’s. From a creative perspective, they’re just as interesting, though carefully minimalist. Here the retail team devised 3D cardboard hexagons covered in a lux marbling technique.

Anthropologie: These in-store ornaments resemble mythical suns and the spirograph application of the rubber bands add a fascinating touch. These could easily be a DIY project to do at home.

Hugo Boss: This unisex window represents the gift-giving season in a subtle, stately way: a swing of gift boxes constructed together gets the point across after a sidewalk double-take.

Best Pizza: This Williamsburg Pizza shop has crowd sourced their wall art, using customer drawings to make a fabulous and familiar texture. It’s delightful to get lost in the illustrations while getting a late night slice.


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