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Retail: Denim & DIY Dip Dye

Dip Dye Retail Installations_patternpulp2

Anyone who works in retail display design knows there’s an endless amount of tlc that goes into every execution. Whether creativity is being sparked by budget constraints, deadlines, or oddball restrictions, the behind-the-scenes repertoire is intense and hands on.

Interestingly, the two photos I snapped above are a contrast of sorts. The ripped denim chandelier at Warm NY, is beautifully complimented by white brick and directional lighting. The fabric stripes break the height of the space, bringing a softness to an otherwise cavernous nook. The results are effortlessly cool and bohemian.

The indigo dip dye cotton below, in contrast, is used to hide the department store ceiling at Selfridges in London. Not an easy feat. Both simulate a paralleling story, only this version seems 10x more time intensive. The display is beautiful, and busy, and actually reminds me a lot of wedding decor. What are your thoughts? Is this something you’d recreate and incorporate into your space?


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