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Retail: All Strung Up in London

While shopping in London last week, I couldn’t help but notice all of the string installations that kept popping up throughout the big department stores. From elaborate window displays to intricate floor designs, immense and artistic webs seemed to be woven throughout the merchandise in an effort to spice things up.

Selfridges, one of London’s main department stores, always dedicates a portion of it’s windows to art and is currently displaying a truly complex and over sized replica of a twisted loom. The design is very abstract with a constructivist style. Not only is it impressive, but wholly inspirational; I love it when I see good modern art that can inspire my own work.

Over at Liberty, there’s a beautiful geometric crystal chandelier installation that spans at least 4 floors in the Women’s section. It’s gorgeous and truly an art-meets-glam piece. Definitely worth the visit to the store to see it up-close.

In the Women’s areas at Harvey Nichols, the string trend continues with a crazy and abstract chandelier near the Women’s cash wrap. When you venture down to the Men’s section, you can’t help but notice a totally cheeky display of miniature mountain climbers scaling Goliath mannequins- such a surreal and humorous display! Luckily the sales people turned a blind eye as I sneaked pictures, pretending to be a Japanese tourist. In all, some very inspirational displays, though beware, you’ll likely need to unravel your tired legs after a day of London shopping.

Coverage by: Angela Chen

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