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Repetition Elsewhere: Patterns of Science

Every time I start a new project I’m introduced to a cast of creative characters- all of whom I google (who doesn’t?!). This week a new project’s been added to the mix and with it comes some fun new faces and sites to explore. Don’t Not Look belongs to Ian Hall. Interestingly, I’m not certain if it’s the Ian Hall I’m working with or perhaps his doppelgänger, nonetheless, the photography, collage and art on the site is stunning, as is the accompanying blog.

The latest feature on Patterns of Science is derived from a program created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization shortly after WWII. The goal was to promote cultural compassion and awareness in the hopes of thwarting further war and xenophobia.

This program encourages people to see the world as a joint community with common values. Using vintage catalog imagery, each fashion sprad presents a mashup of cultures through pattern.

While a clothing pattern is designed to make the wearer look and feel different, when it is expanded over a model’s exposed skin it instead represents the biological and emotional framework that we all share. 


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