Pattern Pulp

Morgan Carper & The Textile Arts Center

Yesterday Venessa Lau of WWD published the emerging designers round up featuring Morgan Carper as a bright new up and comer. Aside from being one of my most talented friends, she’s truly an inspiration to watch at work. I’ve witnessed her sew a leather handbag in 10 mins flat (from a single piece of of leather!), whip together new patterns for a collection and even style my wedding dress.

While she’s already working tirelessly on Spring 2012, I thought I would share this dress, which is part of her current summer collection, that I find incredible for a number of reasons. The foremost being the collaboration that brought this woven strip about. Carper teamed up with Brooklyn’s Textile Arts Center, a local collective of textile designers, to create the woven accents for a portion of her line. Here are a few pictures documenting the process.

Photos via Janelle Jones & The Textile Arts Center


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