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Marni: Brooches, Bags & Merchandising

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I was in Singapore last month visiting my in-laws and their beautiful new baby, and during some down time, I popped into a few malls to check out the merchandising. Surprisingly, Takashimaya wasn’t as posh or put together as I was expecting. The care and perfection that’s adhered to in Japan seemed a bit lost on Orchard Road. After wandering across the street, attempting to avoid the ice cream vendors, I ended up at the Paragon Shopping Center, which was a sleek alternative, and an interesting window into the world of manicured luxury shopping in the east.

Though I did most of my browsing and purchasing at Muji, I gushed over every last accessory at Marni. Personally, it’s one of my favorite brands. There’s a sophisticated quirkiness to every collection that really resonates. The shopgirl wore her insect brooch in a very clever tomboyish way. It was so fabulous and unexpected, I asked her to pose for me. Also, Brian Rea’s collaborative pieces looked great in person and the space-age vibe of the overall layout felt somewhat modular in a web template kind of way.


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